About The Founder

Jim Demetriou

Jim Demetriou

Jim Demetriou is a dedicated Life Coach that specialises in wellness for children, teenagers, adults and families. We work on your physical wellness whilst Jim will be a great asset working on your mental wellness. 

Being a qualified Scientist, School Teacher and now a qualified Master Mindfulness practitioner (and father), Jim understands the pressures of raising children during school years. That’s why he has created a unique, easy to follow, 12 part methodology to work with children and teenagers on developing the strategies that help with:

  • reducing anxiety
  • reducing stress
  • regaining confidence
  • improving self esteem
  • attaining happiness and fulfilment and
  • much, much, more

Jim has also worked with adults facing stress at work or the everyday pressures of living, so please reach out to him if you need to create a happier, balanced life.

Feel free to call Jim at any time to discuss your needs in order to help you move forward.  

Why Jim?

Great question! Well to begin with, I was born with a genetic blood condition from birth that has required extensive medical treatment from childhood. Fifty odd years later, I’m still here and able to talk about it, simply because of my positive mindset and the range of decisions I had to make along the way. Apart from receiving monthly blood transfusions, I also have to put on an injection and sleep with it for 10 HOURS PER DAY! Not pleasant at all. However, I don’t mention this for any sympathy as I also realise that many countless children and adults live with much worse life threatening conditions than me on a daily basis. 

As a young teenager I had to decide whether to wave the white flag and throw in the towel, or dig in for the tough fight ahead. Thankfully, I chose the latter. Sadly though, over the years I’ve lost many close friends to this condition who either developed complications or could not get past the tough regime of daily injections and other treatments. You see, I couldn’t pretend that my health problems weren’t real, I couldn’t bury my head in the sand and hope my problems would just go away. In addition, to procrastinate and delay would have resulted in serious adverse effects to my health. There was no point in doing some of my treatments instead of all of them. The harsh realities were that daily action needed to be taken and I had to accept the difficult journey ahead. 

I still had dreams and goals in life that were important to me. Initially, it was to keep improving my health on a daily basis and have the simple goal of finishing high school. Once that goal was nearing completion, I then started to contemplate going to university and gaining tertiary qualifications. During my last year of university, I was blessed to meet my future wife Irene. Being married now for 28 years has been a dream come true. We also have a beautiful 10 year old boy Arthur and to be quite honest, I sometimes have to pinch myself just to make sure this is all real. To make things more interesting in my life, I need to mention here that Irene suddenly contracted a depressive illness called Bipolar in her early teens for no apparent reason. This condition caused Irene to have massive high and low mood swings and frequent hospitalisation for periods of 4-12 weeks. 

To top things off, our son Arthur was born with cerebral palsy. We are thankful though that he can walk and talk, go to a mainstream school and cope with the daily rigors of everyday life. Sure he walks with a slight gait, can’t grip things properly because of the muscle tone stiffness in his arms and talks slower than normal. Arthur could have been much worse, so we’re very grateful that his future prospects are as close to normal as possible. From an early age I mentioned to Arthur that he is in control of his mind and attitude. I said to him ‘you could choose to be angry, sad, aggressive, calm, excited or happy, which of these would you like? His response was ‘why would I want to be anything else but happy’! His development has astounded us and our little man has thus far given positive mindset speeches to students at his own school assembly as well as interstate.  

proactive mindfulness
proactive mindfulness

I mention my condition, as well as those of Irene and Arthur to highlight that we are truly happy with our life as a family despite our daily challenges. We get through due to the enormous effort that we all put in to be compliant with all our various treatments. We have many happy moments every day, go on regular holidays, enjoy the company of our family and friends and constantly encourage and lift each other. There is no point feeling sorry for ourselves or despairing over our health issues. Rather, we focus on what we want our future to be like, maintain a positive attitude, do what has to be done, don’t complain about anything, be extremely grateful and strive to achieve worthwhile outcomes. To merely survive in life is one thing but to set powerful and exciting goals that are highly motivating is yet another. 
When you choose to Proactive Mindfulness, rest assured that I have faced many tough times and managed to come out the other end in one piece. As a qualified Scientist, Teacher and Master NLP and Conscious Hypnosis Practitioner, I not only possess the scientific knowhow, but more importantly, life experiences that I can share and bring to the negotiating table.  

This will give you peace of mind when I assist you in overcoming any negative obstacles in your life, or that of any other family member. We all go through challenging moments in life that really test our attitudes, beliefs and behaviour.  I fully understand how you may feel ‘stuck’ or that your situation seems hopeless. You may also think that you’re not worthy of having anything good in your life, that your never quite good enough, inadequate, etc., etc. At Proactive Mindfulness I can show you how to navigate through your tough negative circumstances and begin your journey to a productive, exciting and happy life.