Where are you heading?

Would you ever get into your car and just sit there wondering where you're going to go? Of course not. we all know beforehand exactly where we want to go and even use our navigational systems to get us there if needed.

It astounds me though how many adult clients I speak to who simply live day by day without any meaningful plan for their future. They merely exist day to day, go to work, then come back home and repeat this process day after day, week after week, year after year. This causes them to feel unhappy and unfulfilled in life and then to question their purpose in life. 

When I look at their overall life in a holistic sense, they have a high level of dissatisfaction in a number of important areas. We all tend to have similar priorities such as career, finances, health and well-being, fun and recreation, our relationships with family and friends, our relationship with a significant partner, spirituality and personal growth and development.Many of my clients rate poorly in some, or most of these important areas of life, simply due to not having a plan on how to attain worthwhile outcomes and therefore, a good level of satisfaction. 

When we stop to think for a moment, we can begin this process of setting a realistic plan of action in order to bring more happiness and meaning to our lives. No-one ever sets out to deliberately fail but somehow life gets in the way and we allow ourselves to drift and little by little, we go way off course and in a totally different direction than we intended.

Have an idea of what you want and how you might get there and hence achieving your desired outcomes. Get serious about who you need to become in order to attain exciting goals instead of feeling helpless, overwhelmed and giving in to the daily grind of a mediocre existence.

Our mind will focus on exactly what we think about. Once we begin to feed our mind with positive thoughts, an exciting vision for the future, a plan of action and a clearly defined set of goals, you have a very powerful force working to bring whatever you want to fruition.

In this modern age of information and technology, we have access to computers and a variety of resources. Not to mention, professional people with a variety of skills, who can also help you any of your needs; hence, answers are everywhere. Do some research and seek solutions to any of the challenges that you may be facing right now.

Our children will also model our attitudes and behaviours, good or bad. How will they thrive effectively at school, have confidence, or work towards a desirable future full of excitement, fulfillment, joy and happiness, when we allow them to see and experience the very opposite through us-every day! I often say to my son that the students who do best at school are not necessarily the 'brainiest or smartest'. Moreover, they tend to be the students who diligently work everyday and have a system and order in the way they do things.  

Till next time 

Your Mindfulness Coach

Jim Demetriou (0401 333093)