We're not the same

Are you bossy, blunt and direct, perhaps a little chatty and the life of the party, or just the quiet, reserved type? If all the above doesn't describe you, maybe you're a bit nerdy, love your own company and being overly neat and organised. Wow, what a mouthful. No wonder we have a challenge getting along with each other!

The blunt and bossy, along with the chatty types are extroverts, while the stable and nerdy types are introverts. So how do we bridge the gap in society where we tend to have a short fuse and a diminished tolerance span? We always want everybody to understand our point of view and our way of thinking because after all; we're always right, aren't we?

As I teach my clients these basic fundamentals on character types via behavioural profiling, it becomes apparent to them why they have struggled to attain and maintain healthy relationships. Especially with their significant partner and/or children. 

How handy would it be to know what makes all the different character types tick? How life altering would all the interactions you share with others actually be? Think for a moment about the enormous benefits derived from strengthening your people skills in your job, family, friends, relatives new acquaintances. All these relationships can be significantly enhanced by simply having the knowledge in effectively dealing with people.

You know the drill-it's not what happens to us, rather, it's how we respond. Being truly mindful allows you to take a step back and think carefully before making any response. We all like to be treated with care, kindness and respect, so how about we react in this manner first. Perhaps then others will be happy and feel obliged to reciprocate in kind.

Unfortunately, texting and social media has taken away from our ability to be effective communicators. Personally, I always prefer to call people on the phone or to meet with them. This way I'm able to pick up on the subtle inflections in ones voice in terms of tonality, volume, softness, etc, or the undeniable meaning in their body language and eye contact. 

Developing good rapport, along with powerful communication skills and an understanding of the major character types is an absolute must in today's world. This skill takes you a long way down the road to having and maintaining the harmonious relationships you've always wished for. 

When you're communicating with someone, ask yourself what outcome can i achieve that will be a true win-win for all concerned. When this is accomplished you have successfully created an atmosphere of trust, respect and understanding. Now we all want that-don't we?

Till next time

Your Mindfulness Coach

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