Packages Pricing

FREE 20-30 minute Phone Consultation

The initial contact via phone will be to gather a basic understanding of the current challenges and to determine the best way forward. This will also help to establish your level of expectation from any ensuing sessions and ask any relevant questions.  

Introductory Session

During this session we will take a detailed history and gather relevant information relating to your current circumstances. This sessions also allows us to establish all negative behaviours and their root cause. In addition, we can assess the extent of all the underlying issues and outline the plan to develop a positive mindset and the strategies required for renewal and attainment of desired outcomes.  Cost of this session is $90.

Session Content

4 Session 

8 Session 

Most Popular

12 Session 

  • Wheel of Life-compulsory
     (Total Life Balance-2 sessions)
  • Life Purpose & Values-2 sessions
  • Smarter Growth (Goal Setting-2 sessions)
  • Knowing Yourself (Internal Representational System) 
  • Behavioural Profiling (EDISC)
  • Getting Rid of Negative Beliefs
  • Feeling Pumped (Motivational Strategies)
  • Getting Organised (Time & Priority Management Skills)
  • What exactly do you need! (Positive Reframing)
  • Phone Follow-Up
  • Face to Face Follow–Up Session
  • Quit Smoking Sessions
  • Weight loss Sessions
  • Phobia Cure Sessions
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(Actual Value: $943)


(Actual Value: $1,867)


(Actual Value: $3,468)

Which package is right for you?

  1. The very first step is to call us to arrange your FREE 30 minute private consultation.
  2. During your free consultation we can determine the best package for your current needs. 
  3. If your current needs relate to health then we can tailor make a personal 3 or 5 session program for quitting smoking, weight loss, stress, anxiety, chronic illness, pain management. This will include the strategies, therapies and resources you can use on an on-going basis.
  4. Your needs may be of a general nature such as, better life balance, building better relationships, understanding your behavioural profile and how you function best, effective communication skills, powerful goal setting strategies, developing greater self-esteem and confidence, determining your core values that define you as a person and the motives for what you do in life. The number sessions will rely on your current personal and or work related needs.

Whichever package is right for you, Proactive Mindfulness is here and ready to help you move forward in creating a healthier, happier, productive and fulfilling life. There’s no need to remain stuck, or suffer any longer with your current circumstances. Instead, today can be the start of a new positive beginning as we help you strive toward exciting and meaningful outcomes.

Call us today on 0401 333093 for a friendly chat to discuss what we can do for you.

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