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FREE 20-30 minute Phone Consultation

The initial contact via phone will be to gather a basic understanding of the current challenges and to determine the best way forward. This will also help to establish your level of expectation from any ensuing sessions and ask any relevant questions.  

Introductory Session

During this session we will take a detailed history and gather relevant information relating to your current circumstances. This sessions also allows us to establish all negative behaviours and their root cause. In addition, we can assess the extent of all the underlying issues and outline the plan to develop a positive mindset and the strategies required for renewal and attainment of desired outcomes.  Cost of this session is $90.

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Which package is right for you?

  1. If you personally feel ‘stuck’, in a rut, or for some reason if you’re noticing that your child is having negative thoughts, then you have nothing to lose by giving us a call to see how we can be of help to you. Remember this first phone consultation is FREE, so take advantage of this offer.
  2. During our FREE phone consultation, we will determine the best move forward for you or a family member. We can then organise our initial face to face consultation where the extent of your current challenges are fully understood and beginning the journey of acquiring a healthy, positive mindset. 
  3. Our range of session packages are designed to meet any of your needs or that of any family member. Confidence, anxiety, lack of motivation and self-esteem are normal child/teen related issues that usually require 4-8 sessions to deal with. The 8 session package is the most popular as it allows us to work on the core challenges faced by the child/teen and to develop the strategies for renewal.    
  4. Adults who are experiencing a poor work-life balance, relationship issues (with their partner, or children), challenges with negative beliefs, procrastination, motivation, goal setting, smoking, weight loss, etc, will also require a range of sessions. Physical health is obviously important, however, in today’s world we are increasingly finding that mental well-being is equally, if not more important. A healthy mindset has a bearing on our ability to feel positive, relate well with loved ones and others, and move forward in life towards desired outcomes. Hence, the number of sessions you require will depend on how many areas of your life you wish to work on. For adults we find that 8-12 sessions is recommended to make the necessary long term changes for positive results. 
  5. Imagine what you and/or your child/teen stand to gain from specific sessions in attaining the strategies and knowledge to gain any meaningful outcomes. So your first step is to give us a call and arrange your FREE 30 minute phone consultation.

Whichever package is right for you, Proactive Mindfulness is here and ready to help you or your family move forward in creating a healthier, happier, productive and fulfilling life. There’s no need to feel helpless and unfulfilled any longer with your current circumstances. Instead, today can be the start of a new positive beginning as we help you strive toward exciting and meaningful outcomes.    

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