Proactive Mindfulness Coaching

What is the Proactive Mindfulness Coaching all about?

Proactive Mindfulness has been set up to give parents and care givers solutions that affect the physical and mental well-being of their children. Many children in our experience as mindset practitioners and educators, tend to suffer from a distinct lack of confidence and self-esteem for a variety of reasons. These feelings in children then begin to create anxieties and stress which in turn has an influence on other important areas of their life such as: 

  • Schoolwork
  • Extra- curricular activities
  • Relationships with friends and family
  • Inability to have fun
  • Physical and emotional well-being, level of happiness
  • Feeling a sense of hopelessness, low confidence and self-esteem, etc.

Barring any significant mental illness or major trauma, children can be helped to overcome their challenges and begin their journey to sustained success. At Proactive Mindset we first seek to understand the underlying issues preventing your child from thriving and being at their very best. We then design a custom made program for your child that will readdress the balance to renewal.    

What to expect from our coaching sessions?

A carefully planned series of sessions is aimed at taking your child from their current levels of achievement, attitude and behaviour to an exciting level of desired outcomes. We help children to identify the factors associated with successfully achieving their individual goals, being happy, confident and fulfilled in all facets of their life. 

The learnings gained in each of the sessions will help your child build their skills and knowledge base, for continual growth well into their teens and adulthood. Our step by step session format is simple and easy to follow. We utilise a range of tools and techniques which help enable children to address their issues in any areas of weakness quickly and effectively. You can decide on the number of sessions your child will need after our initial consultation and be guided by our expertise to ensure total satisfaction and peace of mind.    

By reading through our brief session outlines you will gain a better understanding of what we have to offer. In addition, you can evaluate the extensive benefits your child will derive in participating in any, or all of our sessions.  

Jim consults through the Glen Back Care and Sports Therapy Centre.

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How it works

To make the shift towards creating a better life for yourself, you need to determine:

1. What do you actually want from your life, i.e.

  • to feel happier
  • to have more fun
  • to be loved
  • create better relationships
  • have more joy
  • better pain management
  • greater wealth
  • better health
  • to lose weight
  • to have less stress
  • less anxiety
  • to finally quit smoking

2. Why is it so important for you to achieve a greater quality of life? So ask yourself the following questions:

  • For what purpose do I want to make this shift?
  • For whom?
  • Who else will benefit when I resolve my problems/issues?
  • When do I want to begin making this transformation?

3. When am I going to take that first step?

  • You know you need to do something about your current situation. So what’s stopping you from taking action right now?
  • Pick up the phone and book your first session today. Don’t put it off any longer.

Proactive Mindset will help you to:

  • Move towards your desired outcomes and goals in life by using proven strategies and therapies
  • Create a mindset that allows you to take the necessary steps in moving forward
  • Provide you with the knowledge, tools and resources that can be used for the rest of your lif

Think about where you are right now and where you would like to be. 

Imagine what your life would look and feel like if you could make those changes in moving towards your desired outcomes. The time to take action is now, enough is enough!
•    Awaken the Extraordinary You and allow us modify your limiting behaviours that sabotage your success.   
•    Proactive Mindset is here to help you overcome your problems/challenges/fears so that you can have the happy and healthy life that you deserve and were meant to have.
•    Begin right now to transform yourself and create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Call Proactive Mindset right now on 0401 333 093, or send us an email at to book your sessions and avoid disappointment.

Sessions Outlines



complementary session

Our initial consultation is designed to understand and clarify the current issues of concern and determining the best way forward for your child. The session will assist us in aligning your desired outcomes with the specific sessions and the strategies employed, to produce the best possible results for your child. 

Complementary Introductory Session


30-40 mins

Defining the things that are important to your child in all areas of their life helps them to create a healthy balance. This session aims to take a snapshot of their current levels of satisfaction and then to address the priorities that need to be worked on and how best to do so. 

Session 1

Wheel of Life (WOL)
(Part 1)


The answers in session 1 above provide valuable insights to the current levels of satisfaction. Any areas of imbalance are articulated by your child and corrected using relevant tools to restore happiness, confidence and self-esteem in your child’s life.

Session 2

Wheel of Life (WOL)
(Part 2)

Session 3

Knowing your Life Purpose with Values

Eliciting the unique values of your child allows us to work on what ultimately drives their actions. We all have important values such as honesty which filter through all aspects of our life, i.e. school, home, relationships, etc. Hence, when your child understands the values that give their life purpose and meaning, they can begin to align their daily lives with their overall goals. 

All children want to achieve some level of success in life. However, things don’t just happen. An action plan that may include daily, weekly and monthly goals will be carefully outlined to give them clear guidance. This helps to also reduce confusion and frustration with the lack of achieving desired outcomes. 

Session 4

(Part 1)

Session 5

(Part 2)

All desired goals are clearly identified according to the level of dissatisfaction in the WOL and written down with specific instructions. These instructions are customised for the individual needs of your child.

Session 6

Knowing Yourself

We all learn differently. Understanding the way information is received and processed by your child is crucial. This session explores the modalities that enhance your child’s learning capacity, thus producing a clear pathway to sustained improvement at school and other areas of their lives.

Session 7

Why Do I Behave The Way I Do? (Part 1)

This session aims to shed light on your child’s distinct character traits. Some children are loud and want to be noticed, while others are quiet and shy away from the limelight. 

Session 8

Why Do I Behave The Way I Do? 

(Part 2)

Knowing how others behave and communicate will assist your child in developing more meaningful relationships with the people that mean the most to them at school, home or any environment. 

Session 9

Getting Rid Of Limiting Beliefs

Many children have negative limiting beliefs that they developed for some reason. This session will focus on challenging these beliefs and helping your child to attain the skills to understand how to deal with them in order to move forward.

Procrastination, lethargy and lack of motivation provides a barrier to taking action. We instil the thought processes that enable your child to move forward with greater focus and confidence.

Session 10

Feeling Pumped!

A common challenge for children is in managing their time effectively. Much of their time is wasted on unproductive activities leaving less time to accomplish set tasks for school, or other important activities i.e. music practice, physical exercise, etc. We provide the crucial tools for minimising the ineffectual use of their time and modify their behaviours to produce meaningful outcomes.  

Session 11

Getting Organised

Session 12

What Exactly Do You Need

We are all motivated by our individual needs that give critical meaning to our lives. Pinpointing the core needs of your child with respect to their personality, or physical requirements is a necessary vital factor for their on-going development.