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Proactive Mindfulness is a different type of coaching program. Aimed at children primarily but also parents of children, it is a holistic approach to dealing with the stress of education. When children have anxiety over studies or other issues at school it reduces their ability to learn. Left unchecked, these issues can develop into long term learning and behavioural problems affecting both the child and the family.

Proactive Mindfulness was founded by Jim Demetriou. Being a qualified School Teacher, Master Mindfulness practitioner and also a parent, Jim understands the pressures of raising children during school years. That’s why he has created a unique and easy to adopt, 12 part methodology to work with children and teenagers on developing the strategies that help with:

  • reducing anxiety & stress
  • regaining confidence & self-esteem and
  • increasing educational outcomes 

Jim also works with adults with their children or independently if they are facing stress at work. Work pressure can increase household tension, effect children’s wellbeing and be a related cause to school and learning issues. 

If you recognise these symptoms in your family, please reach out to him for a confidential and complimentary stress diagnosis. 

What is Proactive Mindfulness?

Making the shift from your current negative state of mind, or unhealthy, unfulfilled life, to one that is free of limiting beliefs, happy and balanced in every way, is worth striving for. Challenges occur frequently and to all of us. It’s how we respond and move on that makes the difference.  

Life has a way of sneaking up on us and before we know it we feel lost, stuck in a rut, hooked on bad habits like smoking, drugs of addiction, gambling, feeling anxious, stressed or depressed. You begin to spiral out of control and feel helpless. Perhaps you’ve put on a few too many kilos and struggling to maintain good health. You may also be dealing with a chronic illness and pain. Perhaps the relationships with your partner, children and others need to be addressed.

Whatever your present situation, the great news is that it’s never too late to do something about it so, 

  • How do you make the shift?
  • Why do you want to make the shift?
  • What actions are needed to make a positive shift?

Proactive Mindfulness has all the answers for you

proactive mindfulness

  The proactive mindset works for both children and adults. Jim consults to children to reduce school related stress for better educational outcomes and for adults to improve their mindset to better support their families. To see how Proactive Mindfulness can help you click to read more below.

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Who we help


Age  7-12

Age  7-12

Once we have an initial chat with your child we can isolate the root cause of their current thinking and behaviour. Young children often make concerning remarks such as 'l can't do that', 'I'm not smart like other children in my class', 'I'll never be able to do maths or be a good speller', 'I'm just not meant to be good at anything', etc, etc. Our work uncovers the cause of this thinking and then the action steps necessary to create the ideal mindset. 


Age 13-19

Age 13-19

Often feel confused about their future, place in society, their family and finding their purpose in life. An evaluation of their unique values and behavioural profile will begin to identify the causes for any confusion, low confidence and self-esteem, poor communication skills and the subsequent desired pathway in life. 


Young Adults

Age 20-35

Age 20-35

May begin to feel difficulties with relationships and suffering the consequences of poor decisions (ie substance abuse, alcohol, lack of formal qualifications, poor future employment prospects, etc). They then feel lost and hopeless and that life is too difficult and future prospects are grim. We endeavour to reassess their desired outcomes and plan exciting goals for their life over the short, medium and long term. Along with dealing about their negative emotions, we have a powerful pathway to establish a more purposeful outlook on life. 



Sometimes parents of older adult children find it extremely difficult to communicate effectively with their children who seem to go from problem to another. Parents then begin to blame themselves and/or have feelings of guilty in regards to the plight of their child. At this stage we help  parents feel good about themselves, find renewed purpose and devise a suitable plan on helping their children.



Many families find it difficult to communicate with their younger child or teen and can't quite pinpoint the 'real problems'. We help parents by offering consultations together with their child to ensure both parent and child feels supported during the process of repair. These sessions help both parties on how best to move forward with the right mindset and with well planned strategies. 



A common problem expressed by school aged children is lack of motivation, interest in their subjects or topics & basic skills in literacy and numeracy. This leads to plummeting levels of confidence and self esteem. 
We help children to focus on achieving their most important goals by breaking them down in smaller doable steps. We also address the child on a holistic basis to help them understand their journey in life and the link between goals, values, effort, a positive mindset and attaining meaningful outcomes. 
As a qualified educator of many years, qualified scientist, qualified master Mindfulness practitioner and father, Proactive mindfulness has the strategies to help within the school environment and also offer PD's for teachers to assist them in identifying the unique behavioural profiles of their students.